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Curb Appeal and its Relation to Home Value

FUN FACT: I enjoy doing yard work, especially landscaping.

I spent the weekend helping a close friend and former client transform her front yard in Nashville. She always wanted hydrangeas and hostas so we made that a reality over the past few days. We also cleaned up around her peach tree and mailbox giving her the total curb appeal makeover.

Did you know a well-landscape home can help fetch 5.5%-12.7% more value than a home with no landscaping?

Is your home ready to sell for top dollar? I take great pride in my attention to detail, and I’m always happy to help make sure your home is ready to receive top dollar.

Take a look at the total curb appeal makeover!

The Finished Project! (Rocky, my labrador, is photobombing in the large window!)

The mailbox was tricky with all the new and old concrete just inches below the surface. The freshly planted climbing clematis will quickly wind its way through the mailbox adding beautiful curb appeal just feet from the street.

Before pictures.

Completed cleanup and preparation!

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